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I am pleased to announce the start of the Creation Bainstorming site for Entrepreneurs and Innovators who want to get involved with ressurecting our manufacturing and commerce. Send email to - [email protected] - to receive a free consultation call on your product or project! The series "Creation Brainstorming," can be found by requesting free link with no‚Äč strings or spyware attached. - 5 to 10 minute videos on several topics of interest, plus our taping of the creation of each of our products and businesses and watch live how we go about it! 

Rich Langley  Engineer Producer


You'll know your breakthrough, its shines brighter than them all!


New and Important Announcements

Posted on 10 November, 2017 at 1:57 Comments comments (276)
New Location and Web-Site
Announcing our new Web-Site for our PRODUCTION DIVISION of TCBS! The URL is, . This site will still be available and we are building a much better BLOG as well to make it more responsive and interactive! We have also started two other Divisions of TCBS: Engineering and R&D where our audience of followers will be allowed to submit or add to our existing projects and if accepted under contract, will be rewarded with scholarships and also monetarily based on a percentage of its sales and what the submission did for that project! We are not trying to get your ideas and use them without your permission, that is against the law! We are trying to set a model for a platform from, which will interface with todays world and world-wide economy and put us at the forefront with new ideas way outside the box! An introduction to our shows and other divisions will post on our site before the shows air so you who follow here will have a heads-up before the shows air in your city! Stay tuned, "This is a whole new ballgame here!" The first to e-mail me the movie this comes from get a FREE GIFT! 

   Also more about our radar project, which is to give our country top security in the air! Patent applied for! To get audience with our engineers, contact [email protected]

New Mellinium challenges.

Posted on 12 December, 2011 at 2:23 Comments comments (79)
   While on location in Kingman AZ., a thought or two has occurred to me. I was looking back at several projects in the past and realized that I have been ahead of the times in more than one. I started an on line magazine in 1999 and it was ahead of it's time slightly.
   The magazine was done by me in Front Page, an early web-site program. I had pictures and plenty of articles. The name of the magazine was, "The Creation Brainstorm Magazine. Many people, 10,000 to be exact, emailed me to tell me not to have so many pictures as it was locking up their 54K data portal. LOL was still perceived as a word. Now I am told that we need more video. I interviewed college students and administrators, X-Sports guys and gals who were just pain in the rear end of society. We did articles on innovative ideas such as Internet radio stations.
   I headed up another project outside of Atlanta that would have made Facebook invalid. Building a news media recovery and data storage center which would enable you to obtain any news story that had aired anywhere in the country for a fee of 25.00 per clip. This started up two other projects such as google, yahoo and data storage in all media groups of their ingested daily news.
   Rather than seeing this as an anomaly with adverse results leading to depression, I realize this is what my forte' is! To see the future and coming marketplace events driven by the needs and wants of society based on the surrounding technological and social needs of our society. I get this by talking to people and listening. Listening to their definite major purpose and passion which lights them up like a Christmas Tree. Sometimes there are layers that are not really a part of them but politeness and walls to protect their real dream.
   That is our purpose here! To enable Entrepreneurs world wide that there is no excuse and reason they cannot become the fulfillment of themselves and thus the fulfillment of their dreams. What may seem like a malady can be your greatest secret weapon. What you may see here may be a little before it's time, just don't wait until it is and be sorry you did. Prepare yourself in the hard times or lean times to take advantage of the next season of change.
   By the way I took this picture this morning before I left the house and sent to my email, saved to my laptop where I am doing research at the Library and loaded it here. Now some of you are viewing it in another country around the globe. Which brings up another subject in the business section. Check it out! Stay ahead and up front.
Tata Motors Compressed air engine.   We are working on the development of 67 projects and inventions that will create new categories of business, the way we do business and move beyond just walkie talkie technology, science and engineering. We will give the news something to talk about other than politics and gossip. We quit trying to talk others into what we are doing and are just doing it ourselves. We have well over ten years of program material and are capable of starting thirty or more new industries which involve manufacturing and support. Each of the 67 projects and inventions we have that we are developing and filming for live reality TV with a better entertaining and educational twist will inspire 100s of new industries aside from us we hope. It is not that we are thirty years ahead, but this world economy is thirty years behind and in it's ability to bring new innovative product that produces more jobs and other products are screaming out for release.
   We are designing parts and taping the development of each product in its idea to marketing stage in such a way you will be screaming; I knew it was possible and I knew we could do it. Since I watched Mr. Retan put his own space plane which was returnable and reusable with what he had I knew it was possible to do anything we put our minds too with all the technology we have. Information at your fingertips.
   We have tools, new type of radar, new style educational games, new type transistor, new style homes, disaster prevention equipment that could save economies millions. Test equipment that beats out Gen Rad and the bed of nails. New style boat affordable by all not junk! New kids toys and very educational. Musical equipment equipment! This is no joke and we have saved it for our TV Show which we will use normal tools and innovation to show you a new way of starting business that will make some of you very happy millionaires if not just out of debt and not us taking your money. That is the purpose of the TV show. Our advertising customers will be paying for your education on TV and we also have DVDs and classes coming up that when you finish in two weeks training you will already be making your dreams come true for less than what it would cost you to get your real estate license. We already have people doing their own thing making it happen. Thats right their own thing and becoming innovators, inventors and dream builders.
See our DVD Insitute of Entrepreneurship. 
   When you are motivated toward your dream and not ours, you will have enormous energy to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals and dreams. Forget multilevel delusion, real estate scams, work from home scams! Work on your on Dream, Idea, Vision or Goal. I got tired of seeing my friends go broke and work very hard in these scams and wind up with nothing but finally realizing it was nothing more than someone selling me their dream of getting as much of my hard earned cash as they could. As an engineer I went
to work developing what I have worked on to
 actually show people the real deal. I challenge any of you to prove otherwise.   Yes sure there is a small price to learn but not on and on and on and this seminar motivating me to spend more money. Entrepreneurs! Let's do it! If you have questions about our training dvds or classes e mail us with no obligation or slam spam mail. Look if you see what we have here and don't want to check it out or take a chance on reality and a successful future when the opportunities out here are white unto harvest I AM NOT GOING TO WASTE MY OR ANYBODY ELSE's TIME BEGGING YOU! IT WILL BE YOU A YEAR FROM NOW MAYBE EVEN SOONER THAT WILL BE KICKING YOURSELF FOR NOT TRYING IF YOU HAVE A DREAM AN INVENTION OR A GOAL, PLEASE! Do not bury your dream in the ground and have your children or friends say...what did you ever do with that idea you had.....hey I saw something just like the idea you had the other day on TV! You know what I am talking about. We have got to produce something for the economy other than just for social communication. Aren't you tired of talking. Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] for any questions you might have or comments you would like to make. Challenge us and see if we are not the real deal. Special help for vets.
   We cannot successfully move on in this millenium because we are too busy looking in the mirror of what worked yesterday! I am not talking about the Constitution. You don't remove the foundation once the house has been built. What we need are people who can reason of what it is that truly needs to happen. Powerful people who can take this dilemma out of the woods and make it happen with what they have in their hand. Press on through the crowds of swine attempting to tread your ideas under foot and tear you to pieces. Set your faces like flint
and keep doing it when it doesn't make sense or seem you will make it. God made us to be successful, not failures.
  I was talking with a friend of mine in his early twenties today! We were talking about the video games that young and old are playing these days seriously. It seems an escape and also a challenge that the world is not offering the young these days as in times passed! There are however many great challenges that we need these brilliant minds involved in! You have some of the greatest challenges ever offered before in the history of time! Actually these challenges answered will be some of the greatest feats ever done! We will be discussing these topics on our shows which will air here for free! We are beginning the taping of them tomorrow!
  We are inventing new style games that will cause the electronic gaming industry to back up and punt. Don't get mad I was one of the progenitors of the electronic gadget industry! Fine kids but us older guys gotta go back to work and take this down another road. Really all of this is about maxed and we are playing more than we are doing anything else. Well keep playing while my team and I grab a big section of the world trade. Todays games develop a small amount of strategy but more so for the flighty thought out moves that gets many soldiers dead. So, see ya! We are headed up and into and back through. If your still with me, DUCK CHERRY! Displays have a whole other vista to mind scape! We are looking for advanced laser scientists. Email me Richard Langley at the email on the web-site. Boom! Your whole platoon was just wasted by a Hellfire missile! Learn real strategy with or DVD Invention life force series! We are also looking for project managers and robotics professionals. E-Mail at same! Bamm! Game over!
  Of course jobs have been the talk of the media and everyone else. Do we want to return to this ever so painful lifestyle or move forward in a different manner than before. If your vehicle is showing you signs of possible breakdown problems you don't venture on ahead without fixing the problem first. Of course why should you use common sense! It is always better to totally breakdown and have a much greater problem of replacing and fixing things that failed. Then the embarrassment of falling behind.
   We here at TCBS Productions have decided a long time ago to listen to each other and use wisdom in all of our endeavors. That is why we have become so successful. How much does listening cost? A great deal if you don't do it! We are developing over fifty eight of our own inventions which we will turn into Micro-manufacturing companies. We are in the process of building four companies at the moment. All debt free from start to finish. We also are starting them with very little capital. If you would like to learn how to do all of this, enroll in our Institute and become more successful than you ever dreamed. Cut your way out of the box and join us in more success than ever before in the history of this country. Email us at [email protected] for more information or send your questions about any of the topics or products and services at our web-site. Feel free to post your comments here as well. 07/21/2012 


Posted on 24 February, 2011 at 16:54 Comments comments (35)

I met my Heavenly Father through His Only Begotten Son. He was Him in the flesh so we could be woke up as to what is really going on. I needed something absolute to heal my seasick outlook on the seasick society us soldiers protected in the first place. That is when us vets, even in the Vietnam days, realized how wayout the media is on the truth, and how much , like lemmings we Americans walk to the pipers song over the cliff and never question their end, mesmerized by flashing lights and way more than enough entertainment. 
I have learned some things in my worldwide path and have stories and so do you. In our two shows we were considering having our viewers send in their greatest questions about developing a product from bootstrap and how to move through the bear traps with ease. Therefore if we have good shows but don't cover your interests. we have failed. You will be encouraged, Inspired and made to laff because of seeing yourself and your own life in the new millennium. 


The season for producing the new developments you have had on the shelf.
It is time to let your ideas take flight. How can they take flight? You have to release them, set them free. Of course you design, develop and produce them. You protect them in as much you can afford to do so. But you have to take them off the shelf , blow them of and update them with a surprising amount of knowledge and information with a brand new skill or two that you have developed since shelving the item. You will be surprised how much of a different and more focused way you will overlook this endeavor on the next go round. How many times should you try, as many as it takes and you have the passion for. Don't develop something just because it has a big money making potential because if you use that reason only then it will die in the design stage because of your frustration.

The challenge on innovators and inventors in the new millennium. 
If you have read any of the biographies of the inventors and innovators of the past, dating back to the dawn of time! I guess clothing and fire were the first Nobel winning ideas!  Cliche' words like niche', improvement, innovation and  invention were mentioned in these great classics.  The Wright brother's were tenacious, using their  own money casting their engines and building their own planes. Happening upon a  unique observation as he was twisting an inner tube box while chatting with a customer, one of the Wright Brothers was twisting it in his hands, observing a unique pattern the box would shape into, like a wing with two opposite bends. From this they developed the first ailerons and was called controlled flight and wing warping was the maneuver.
What daily things do we see that will enable us to have a unique observation and a Creation Brainstorm of thought? What needs go unnoticed because these generations of ours are not disciplined to see need as before. We go through a day though it was a flash. Do we need new completely new ideas the old ones are like a piece of gum chewed until it is nothing. 
We say, to many negative things about possibility. I speak to ex-soldiers who have endurance and can do the mentality. Let the disappointments of war be yesterday and what you need today to fight these enemies you now face be your new focus.  Jobless, start a ground up business with what you have in your hand and what others discard. I am working on a large proposal of a base entirely designed for re-entering soldiers into the society that does not understand your emotions and thoughts and turn your experiences into strengths.
Worry not about license until you make enough that you are even a difference on the radar. Follow God's leading in your heart and your own inspiration.  

Our navigation has been successful!  
Navigation is a very interesting skill that has always fascinated me and other young adventurers. Navigation started years ago. It has been around since literally the beginning of time. You would think that we would be more successful navigating to our Destiny. Navigation starts when you leave your place of safety, where you live , and familiar surroundings. But you want to be able to return to safety after you have accomplished what you set out to do. You may use line of sight. This place holds interest for me and if I go there my gain may increase. So where I am has certain recognizable points that I can see from afar. As you venture forward with your learned abilities and supplies you take periodic looks at where you were so you don't lose sight of home base. When you arrive at your destination you scout for what you came for; you return to your home base. It proves to be a good hunting ground and a great amount of possible fruit, nuts and berries. So you decide to start making your destination your home.

 It is amazing to think of the changes that are to be made:
With the projects, one by one that break into the marketplace, will create large outcroppings from its inspiration. I would come here for real economic news. What if someone like Bill Gates had shared with a small group of people before and after windows 95. I am no Bill Gates and neither are you, you are a different and lucky individual to be in this era. Change is coming that will turn this world upside down,. We are looking ahead!
It is due and the outcry need now has been not heard unless you listen. This is a force that cannot be stopped like a strong and vengeant army.
Zack, a new addition to the team will be going with me out in the field to add what we need to produce 15 pilot shows. Zack and I also play some music, along with other bands I audition for the show. We will throw up their name as they start a clip of their music and where different locations are that we film. Also these will be included in the credits as well and where you can buy them. So keep on rockin in the free world and we will notify when they are available. It is exciting. We may have a third show starting so stay in touch!
Neil Young & Pearl Jam - Rockin' In The Free World (1993 at the MTV Music Awards)

 This is the most fun I have ever had on any project anywhere!
We are planning a nationwide trip and filming expedition to complete the Creation Brainstorm Magazine first series on the "Outdoor Adventure Game." The other is the "Outdoor Cowboys" we are going first to the "Okefenokee Swamp" for an excursion with "Hunting Club Member" Major Chris Tatum." Then on to the "Barbary Coast" in Wilmington North Carolina. Next stop will be in the New Jersey area and New York, with a Northeastern trip in the fall. Coming back down, we will journey through Pennsylvania looking for places along the way.

 Update: The writing is going along just fine. We have already started shooting the first segment s of the "Outdoor Cowboys". It is the most fun I have had in since returning from Az. Also this week we are getting back in the field to shoot scenes for the out of the box, "Creation Brainstorm Magazine". The "Outdoor Adventure Game is going to be a real hot seller. Already people are coming out of the woods to participate. Major Chris Tatum of the Waycross, Ga., police force, is taking me into the Okefenokee Swamp land. Not your normal outdoor show. Next on our road trip we venture westward toward the Gulf on the west side of Florida with Scott Fitzgerald. Scott and I worked on the ESPN Project together and he has worked with my son. He has his own fishing boat now and we are going to go out and get some MAiMAi, and see some beautiful fish from the gulf. Also an insert from where we already have splashed into the Atlantic with Buck and company with our new Captain 20 miles out off the coast of Daytona with the fighting amberjack, and flounder with a great cookout at our Turtle Inn Beach Club.
We are in the process of writing the first 10 shows for the CREATION BRAINSTORM MAGAZINE; we are halfway there and should be ready for release in the late summer. We are starting to film THE OUTDOOR COWBOYS, in March. We are going to film at least fifteen shows for it in the beginning. It is a totally new twist on the outdoors never before done and is in our "Top Secret Files, the screenplay is only released at the beginning of each show production. It is amazing, beautiful, informative and outlandish fun! We are burning the midnight oil in preparation. It begins in the wild state of Florida, my home. So many outdoor sports and activities to explore and learn about. three veterans of different ages, a former integration technician, a broadcast engineer gone producer! You will sit in awe of the spectacular scenes, and take notes as we explore different skills. I was born out of water to the water I always return. Going to never before spots in the N. Georgia mountains to the western desert. We have it all and will whet your appetite for the great and wonderful outdoors here in America and possibly abroad. 

Just the definition of this process gives you the key that opens the door to discovery.However, you have to have eyes that see and ears that hear. these processes have been made into videos so I would remember all that I have learned and can pass it on to others. I have been slammed with research and development.
Irony that induces Invention:

Rich Langley   
 This is a preview of the air show! We have made an hour long full flight DVD for those who have made request. Contact: [email protected] for your request! Enjoy!
   Consider the statement, "A rolling stone gathers no moss." Thoughts in the raw in your brain are like these rolling stones in your mind until you establish them in the real world on paper or in your computer. Once you establish them in the real world then is when they acquire the moss! That is further attributes that make these raw ideas workable in the real world! April 14 2013. Escalating into our next phase, "Fast Ride!"

 It has been stated that all things have been made and that could not be farther from the truth. Most of our projects are original first time inventions none are just improvements.  07/23/2012
We are submitting the patent on the very thing that was being mentioned non-disclosure of a general description without revealing the claims or content. This should be done in the early stages of development until you get the proof of receipt of your conditional patent to be disclosed to only need to know people until your product is ready to ship. 01/03/2016