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I am pleased to announce the start of the Creation Bainstorming site for Entrepreneurs and Innovators who want to get involved with ressurecting our manufacturing and commerce. Send email to - [email protected] - to receive a free consultation call on your product or project! The series "Creation Brainstorming," can be found by requesting free link with no‚Äč strings or spyware attached. - 5 to 10 minute videos on several topics of interest, plus our taping of the creation of each of our products and businesses and watch live how we go about it! 

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Posted on 19 March, 2011 at 2:08 Comments comments (21)
I am in different parts of America's Wilderness consistently since I was a child. I have roamed creeks, rivers, lakes, oceans and continents.  It is always the place I feel closer to my creator and regenerate. Psalm 1 of my Holy Scripture reads,  Blessed is the man..... ! 
What does it mean to be blessed?  "Bringing pleasure or relief as a welcome contrast to what has been experienced. " The Oxford College Dictionary, second edition. We are quite a contrast of pleasure and relief compared to other countries. We have forgotten where our relief came from and what we were relieved from. Pleasure without measure has spoiled us and we are destined to relearn the lesson lest we hear the trumpet of warning going on right now worldwide. Wake up!  

Our Environment is beautiful and very intriguing! We have done some extensive research out west in the desert and have some discoveries we have made and myths to be resolved.
Fear is a large part of Americas daily diet and I don't know why we keep devouring it like a sweetened poison. There is so much that is doable and affordable and obtainable. We are proving such things even now! Please seek the truth in all matters for yourself with critical thinking getting to the bottom of every matter people are spouting like volcanic eruptions of surety based on what? Bring peace to your souls by your own research and tireless journey to enlightened motives illuminated by truth based on proven facts! Become keepers of the flame! 
Hello from the 8000ft. Aspen peak of the Haulapai Mountains in Kingman, Arizona. Having a blast filming our first project in the Mojave Desert. This project is going to blow your brain. Scouts, environmentalists, survival freaks and people who like to know not only how to survive but thrive in the wilderness. Amidst the Black Bears, Mountain Lions and rattlesnakes we have carved out a revolutionary first series that will surprise everyone. We are getting huge response from everyone involved the crew is having a blast so that's all that counts. It's hard to keep it quiet but see that is what makes surprises! This going to be a 25 show series and you are gonna want to see every one that airs. Our present sponsor is very pleased. We work hard to bring the best. Also I just started back to school with Grand Canyon University. We plan on doing some things with these guys as well. Really hate to come down out of the mountains. We will be setting out on the road sometime this month to finish up filming. Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Then around to North Carolina. Tumbleweed  
 The environment is where we live, the natural resources that surround and support us. Utilizing our resources carefully and responsibly almost seems to take the fun and adventure out of life. There is a balance and we must find center!
  New environmental type solutions must be met. We need inventors to invent solar
geothermal wind and water solutions. Heating and air could use some changes before we don't have the power to support it! Lower power higher yield. Electrical and biological hybrids. We are searching for the new entrepreneurs of this season in time! 
  Environmental protection only works when it is generated by the people for which it benefits. Showing and enacting benefits from environmental concern will reap better results. We consider environmental concerns in all of our endeavors. Benefit or not it is a responsibility. But the greatest of these and most important, is people. Is it so hard to take care of your greatest resource. People became the last concern and how is that working for you! Look at the economy which is based on people! We have a solution we are working on this very day and days ahead! This is cutting edge, this is TCBS!
   We here at TCBS have been monitoring the environmental changes that are as variable as the stock market. Fires, floods, Hurricanes, tornadoes and drought as well as extreme heat. Rather than wasting a lot of time arguing and trying to prove who is at fault and pretending to be some kind of climate profits we are coming up with solutions everyday for the prevention of damage to your home, business or properties. E-mail us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like more information on what we are doing and how it could save you thousands. Keep in touch with our blogs for daily updates and releases. We are in the process of changing the whole storefront of TCBS. Kiazon, this is TCBS! Stay tuned. 7/21/2012